Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Other Side of Barbie is Bad

 Thank you, Rob Valente.
This was a status of Rob's back in January.

"i just saw this and found it so ridiculous...if this is the case and women strive to be a doll or fill these measurements... you have mental issues...go to a therapist...
i mean i had He-Man , GI Joe , and Transformer action figures as a ki
d. i played with them every day...
not once did i say shit i gotta hit the gym so i could look like He-Man... not once did i say... dude i got to start my own military special forces group cause i played with GI Joe. not once did i say F this i want to be an alien robot!!! GET REAL FOLKS... stop blaming shit cause you didn't turn out awesome!!!"
This was is the article he was referring too:
Bet you wish you had Boot-Top Swivel. I feel a song coming on.

I had read the article prior to Rob's status. I thought at the time it was a bit over the top. I played with Barbie. I never thought I should be blonde haired, blue eyed, tiny tushed. I loved being a brunette & my tush.

But I never thought of it the way he did.

I thought he was right.

 Also, why are we focusing on Barbie's looks. Wasn't Barbie the lady of many occupations?? Rock & Roll Barbie (my fav), Vet Barbie ( i believe she comes with a puppy), Executive Barbie.

We're Barbie & the Rockers. Come on you know the words.

But isn't focusing on Barbie's looks instead of her talents doing exactly the opposite of what real woman want? And more importantly, why are we forgetting she is a TOY!!!

Mommy, why can't i look like a teddy bear??

Just some thing to think about.

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  1. I recently saw on craigslist a shortened VW bus that was painted as the mystery machine... and a full size scooby doo costume. Obviously these people really wanted to be Shaggy and Scooby Doo and succeeded, well, until they hit financial troubles and need to sell their "wanna be someone else lifestyles", or maybe they dont need the money and they are just sick of being someone else that was made up and miss being themselves. anyway, it is just a correlation that trying to be someone else that is not real ends in a sad post on craigslist, or personal issues.