Wednesday, March 21, 2012

O.B. a Good GYN....yea I went there.

      After talking with Kaitlin the other day and hearing about the discouraging words her nurse gave her while she was in labor reminded me that this happens to women far to often. You can find that post HERE  if you haven't already read it. It just so happens later that night I had heard a very similar story from a friend who is pregnant. She had had her first visit to a new OB/GYN earlier that day. The doctor was rude and unsupportive. This is her first pregnancy and she left her doctor disappointed, sad and angry. Fortunately she has enough sense to know there are better doctors out there.

    Whether you are pregnant or just going for routine visits it is common to come across some asshole OB/GYNs. Which is sad. This is could be a sensitive issue for you. And the last thing you need is some jerkface being a total ass while you are in their cold office, legs spread, wearing a paper gown that probably ripped while you were trying to put it on. Not surprisingly there is a whole website dedicated to this subject.
      It is called, . Some of the posts on there are unreal. Lucky for us girls it is there. It helps you understand, 1. you are not the only one who experiences this and 2. yes, your doctor really is an asshole, find a new one. It is important to remember that you don't need to put up with that kind of shit. The doctor works for you, not the other way around. It might take some searching but you can find a good doctor.

    I know this because I have one. He has never been anything but perfect. He listens & answers my questions. I never feel like I have a 5 minute time limit. He even calls back on a Sunday.
I was lucky, he was recommended to me by a friend. (I find this to be the best way to find any service you need.) I know some of you and your friends could be in the same boat so I am going to list some websites that may be able to help. But before you go searching, if you have insurance, make sure you get a list of doctors that your insurance plan covers, which will be on their website. And if you really luck out you might find reviews of the doctors by patients on there also. If not, I found these... : they have a plethora of OB/GYNs listed. Unfortunately the few zip codes I entered didn't have reviews of the doctors. They had a spot for reviews but none were written. Maybe you will have more luck with your own zip code. At least it will give you a start. If there isn't a review google the doctors name, or ask a friend if they heard anything about him/her. If you have a good doctor go find them on here & write a review. Help out other women. I know I am writing a review of my doctor after I finish writing this. : this site actually has ratings & reviews!!! Yay! The reviews are good too. Not just reviewing the doctors but the the nurses & office staff as well. Give it a shot. : I found this & got really excited. But when I put in a few states, way to many doctors were named Cheap Viagra. It must be an underground republican thing. Taking down woman's health care from the inside now! Damn old men, damn you!!! : If you don't have insurance, even if you do,  Planned Parenthood could be an option. You would have to call them to see how they could work with you. As for reviews of specific Planned Parenthood locations, check out and (not just for nightlife anymore.)

I hope this helped. Just remember its your body & you deserve the best care with no nasty attitude included.

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