Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The G- Spot Girl's own personal Big Foot

G-spot #4

           The G-Spot, named after German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg. His study on urethral stimulation was done in the 1940's but what he discovered didn't become big news until 1982. His findings were published in a book titled The G- Spot and Other Resent Discoveries About Human Sexuality by Alice Kahn Ladas and Beverly Whipple. (Side note, I was lucky enough to meet Beverly Whipple a few years ago at a Woman's Health &Sexuality conference. There will be a post dedicated to her research soon). The G-spot is considered the female prostate. It can cause increased sexual pleasure as well as female ejaculation.

Well ever since the G-Spots existence became known information it has been the topic for serious debate; does it really exist? Any girl with time & a toy designed for the G-spot will tell you, " yes...yes it does." But that's just not enough it seems. The topic is still up for debate despite the fact ultrasound tests showed physical evidence.

Recently, "the first documented scientific account of the anatomic existence of the G-spot" was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine by Dr. Adam Ostrzenski. He used a cadaver...genius!What he found was a "structure is a distinct, well-defined, blue grape-like structure within a sac located on the back of the vagina".

Already the arguments are flaring up. Some doctors feel how can this evidence be taken into account because the woman was dead. So you cannot really get any actual assessment of sexual function. Ahhh so the mythical G-Spot argument shall continue. But this is ground breaking research in the name of sexual pleasure. Thank you Dr. Ostrzenski for fighting the good fight.



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