Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Spuds for you

           Valerie & myself set out on what seemed to be a normal trip to the store (to get lime juice for maragritas, nosey). On our way we past a house that had a garbage pickers delight set up curb side. Just as we pass this house I scream, "Whoa, was that a framed Spuds Mackenzie poster".  Val slammed on the brakes, it was.
           She put the car in reverse, I hopped out & grabbed the poster. It was in such great shape I forgot how long its been since Spud had graced our television screens. After the poster & i got back into the car. Val took off like we stole it. Because, lets face it, its more fun that way.
this is not said poster
          Well this got me thinking about Spuds. I was seven when Spuds hit the small screen and I've never been  fan of bud (i like good beer). I didn't know much about the dog, the myth, the legend. So turned to google to find out. What I found was surprising. Spuds was a he played by a she.   
            She had the greatest name ever. Honey Tree Evil Eye, born on October 7, 1983.

      What was Budweiser thinking? All those pictures of Spuds with the ladies, at parties in boy dog clothes!! Imagine how adorable it could have been if Spuds was a girl. The Barbie dog of beer. Were they afraid men would take this to mean Bud was a "girl beer"? Probably, if you make a beer that tastes like water you can't have much common sense.

this is said poster

    Honey Tree Evil Eye died on May 31, 1993. This year on the anniversary of her death, N.V. shall unveil a poster to commemorate Honey Tree Evil Eye. Not that we don't love the character of Spuds Mackenzie. But Spuds gets all the spotlight. He has been mentioned in songs, comics, and cartoons. People looking for english bull terriers google "the Spuds Mackenzie dog" Honey Tree did her job & she did it well. What if  Gypsy Rose Lee was known as "that girl who danced"? No, Honey Tree Evil Eye deserves her day in the sun. After all, she got people to drink Bud.

Whats the difference between bud & having sex in a canoe? Beats me, they're both fucking close to water.



  1. Did you ever think that maybe she was a bull dyke? Thats why the boy clothes and lipstick lesbians all over her.

    1. Holy shit!!!! You may be on to something. Mind = blown.