Monday, June 11, 2012

More from Kaitlin the official N.V Doula

 Some of you may remember Kaitlin Lee ~ Doula In Training from THIS POST. Well Kaitlin has started her own blog. It can be found at  DOWNRIGHT DOULA.

       In her own words she created this blog because "I have so much that I want to share in regards to pregnancy, birth, motherhood, parenting, hospital birth, home birth, unassisted birth, midwifery, doula work, and MORE. It's important to me that I share as much information with you as possible in the topics mentioned, among other things."

    Knowing Kaitlin & how passionate she is about these topics, I know this blog will be full of great & difficult information. It will also be explained in a way anyone can understand. She will also cover subjects related to births that are not to widely discussed.  Please pass the word along & help her out. 

  She also has a new business facebook page for her doula work which can be found HERE. So check her out. Especially if you are expecting, know someone who is expecting or you have kiddies of your own. Dads get in on this too.

Congratulations Kaitlin & Good Luck! Love, your friends at N.V. 

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