Friday, June 22, 2012

WTF China, Seriously???

Let us begin here......


OK now once we have all stopped our giggles & mocking we should make clear on the fact, yes:  that is a   pussy. It is a male sex toy. In their defense at certain angles it does look like a mushroom. The color, the dirt stains.... but wow. Wow. Given the fact that China produces about 80% of the world's sex toys what the fuck is wrong with these people?

 My favorite quotes:
1. we dug out this meaty object. ( that's what she said)
2. it has eyes and a nose

Have these people ever seen a vagina??? I wonder because that thing has a clit & labia. Come on, they measured it!!! This might be the greatest news story since that stripper at Hot22  was collecting human body parts from a Med Student client. (I would have taken those parts too, honey.. i was rooting for you.)
I also love the part about how the Emperor used the herb/mushroom in his mixture for longevity. I don't need to make a joke here. That is all you my blogy friends.



  1. Wow... and also holy shit. First, damn, that is SO a vagina. Secondly, someone dug up an unidentified "mushroom" while digging a well. Wow. Alert the media. No REALLY, not joking, in China APPARENTLY that's when you alert the media. How many billion people live in China, and THIS is what they report on??

    1. Apparently they get really siked about finding mystical objects in wells.. You know... Healing abilities and all.

      Oh, China... How I love you.