Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sampat Pal Devi is the new word for BADASS HERO


             Sampat Pal Devi is the founder/leader of the Gulabi Gang. Gulabi, which comes from the Indian word meaning pink or rose, is the color of the saris the women of this gang wear. 
       That's right, there's a gang in India made up of women wearing pink saris. Whats so badass about that? Well pull up a fucking chair & make yourself all cozy, bitch. Do I got a story for you. 

     Sampat has numerous violations with the law including attacking a government official, rioting and, obstructing the course of justice. What provokes Sampat to take such measures you ask;  rape, child brides, domestic violence, government officials taking bribes and denying lower class citizen government jobs. 
                                    FUCK YEA SHE IS A BADASS HERO!!!
         Sampat was married off at 12 and had her first baby at 15. Now the mother of five children, Sampat gives a voice to those who don't have one. People come from all over India to seek her council & assistance. 

     HERE is a link  explaining more about Sampat & the Gulabi Gang. It also gives Sempat's bio along with some of the other women in the Gang.
     The article also tells how The Gulabi Gang kept watch on trucks delivering rations to poverty stricken families. When Sampat discovered that the trucks were going to the open markets, the Gulubi Gang intercepted them and took the goods to local administration. When a report wasn't written up by the local police the Gang resorted to Lathi.

     Lathi is a style of stick fighting (you can learn more about the art here) that  Sampat teaches to her girls. So they can protect themselves & their communities from injustice. 

     (You all hear that in the background??? *Falsetto... BADASS HEROOOOOOO)

     Right HERE is the Gulabi Gang's site. You can learn more about their mission and make  donations to the cause.

  The Gulabi Gang is doing their work in the video below. You can also see the schools that  they have built through donations given to the site above.