Monday, April 30, 2012

Duck Junk

Duck dick is corkscrew shaped & can grow half its body length!!!!!!!! See, you don't want to keep reading but you are...this post is like a train wreck.


Yes it is true, this post is dedicated to the odd world of duck genitalia. You see on Saturday i was put in the strange situation of googling the words DUCK PENIS.  In Fairyland (AKA where i live) we have 3 ducks that wonder around.  Our neighbor told us he saw a worm come out of the ducks butt & go back in. You know typical neighbor conversation. I said "Maybe it was his penis". My neighbor replied, "if that was a penis he is the luckiest man alive" Can't make this stuff up.

Curiosity now had me in its cold arms. I went back inside & googled. What i found was so horrifying, interesting & really incredible i had to share it with all of you.

Duck Penis Fact # 1 : Those things get BIG! A duck dick can grow half it's body length depending on competition. If A male duck is surrounded by male ducks & has to compete for females, its penis will grow  15 to 25 percent longer then males who have no competitors. Interesting....

Duck Penis Fact # 2: It is shaped like a corkscrew. It spirals counter clockwise. I'm sorry there is no other way for me to do this. Because this picture shows examples of fact 1 & 2.

you will never look at a wine opener the same again. 

Ok.... now that we have come this far I am sure you are thinking exactly what I was thinking Saturday evening. What the hell is duck vagina like? Lucky for you my curiosity & I returned to google this time I searched Duck Vagina. Hows that for a Saturday night? Huh? Huh?

Well it turns out Duck Snatchie is even more interesting then Duck Peeshie.

Duck Vagina Fact # 1 : It too is spiraled but clockwise. The plot thickens. Don't worry, there will be pictures.

Duck Vagina Fact # 2:  The duck snatch has boobietraps to keep out unwanted sperm from duck rape. Part of that is the clockwise shape to the males counter clockwise dick. She really has to help him get it in. No, I am not joking this is a fact people.  If you have ever witnessed ducky sex, you already know it is pretty violent. Duck Rape is a common occurrence. The other boobietraps are dead ends known as lateral sacs. Researcher Patricia Brennan explains it best, "If the phallus were to enter one of these sacs, it would not progress further into the oviduct where it would deposit sperm more effectively." 

Who other then Patricia Brennan knew duck junk was so interesting? Now we all do. I will conclude this post with a side by side picture of male & female duckie parts. You're very welcome.

Snatchie on the left Dick on the right


  1. I read the whole thing. I couldn't help myself. I laughed I cried I gasped I even closed my eyes a couple of times. I know too much. Thank you. I think.

  2. that explains why when I typed the letter d into google, duck penis was the first thing to come up.... thanks nicole